Our Efforts

The Space Coast Cancer Foundation is committed to making a difference in a variety of ways.

Our efforts include:


The SCCF understands the hardships that can arise due to missed work and increased medical expenses as a result of cancer treatment. Because of this, we provide a variety of financial assistance programs for patients in need.


In order to take a proactive approach to healthcare and promote overall wellbeing within the community, the SCCF sponsors community education seminars and workshops. We also participate in educational events sponsored by other members of the healthcare community.


The SCCF recognizes that the well-being of a society depends on its healthcare providers. This is why we interact with local colleges and universities to provide scholarships, fellowships, grants, or other support to accomplished students depending on financial assistance to allow them to pursue allied and other healthcare careers. We also provide education scholorships for hospital-based oncology nurses in our community